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Munich: Smart Green Building

The Bionic Living 4.0 system approach strives for 100% renewable coverage for electricity, heat and domestic hot water (incl. pool) in a fully networked smart home.

This sophisticated building system uses rain for the water supply and for the pool, as well as environmental energy via the combustion-free energy system: sun for electricity generation and heat production (for heating, hot water and pool), geothermal energy as an additional heat source.

The PVT system - installed on a light intensity-controlled tracking system in the garden - increases the PV efficiency by 75% and generates thermal energy at the same time. This can be used directly by the heat pump, even at temperatures around freezing point. Excess thermal energy from the PVT modules regenerates the ground storage tank all year round. Thermal energy in the higher temperature range is charged and discharged in a 2,000 litre storage tank in four layers. The hot water circuit is operated in a low-energy manner via a fresh water module.

The central ventilation works with heat and moisture recovery. In summer, the energy management system in the fully networked smart-home KNX bus controls the heat supply for the pool via a low-temperature heat exchanger - which in turn provides cooling for the building via wall surfaces in clay plaster or drywall panels. In winter, the thermal energy is used for wall and underfloor heating and keeps the pool temperature above 4°C - it does not have to be drained and refilled in spring.

Electricity that is not consumed directly is temporarily stored in the electricity storage unit.

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PVT collectors (31 modules) as a year-round source for pool heating and heat pump on a two-axis tracker for maximum yield of up to 1,600 kWh/kWp.