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Renewable energy concept for open-air swimming pool on the Neckar River

The summer pool between the Neckar River and the Neckar Canal is open from May to September. It is located on an artificial island in Untertürkheim and dates back to 1927. 
The last renovation took place in 2006/07. Now, in the course of the climate and heat change, the energy supply is to be converted as far as possible to renewable sources, which will replace the previous heating via two gas boilers, two CHP units and a solar absorber. 
The roof surfaces of the buildings are available for solar thermal or PV for the regenerative supply of the island baths.  
We have investigated geothermal use on the site as well as possible aquathermal energy from the river water.

Our services:

Feasibility study

Asset inventory + site check

Heat and power requirement analysis

Preparation of an overall energy concept

Economic efficiency calculation


As part of the feasibility study, we first took stock of the plant technology for electricity and heat generation and analysed and prepared the energy demand. During an on-site visit and a site check, we identified potential areas for regenerative energy supply and compared them quantitatively. 
Using simulations, we determined the heat demand shares for showers (high temperature) and swimming pool water (low temperature) and calculated possible solar coverage shares in the heat supply for different collector types. 
In addition, the influence of covering the swimming pool at night was investigated. 
In the economic efficiency calculation, some of the investigated regenerative concepts performed better than the current state despite the significantly higher investment costs. 
In order to ensure high efficiency and utilisation of the heat pumps all year round, neighbouring public properties are to be connected via a heating network.