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Customized supply concepts with local energy systems for a sustainable and climate-friendly energy industry. Our expertise guarantees your satisfaction.

Expert solutions

Heat grids: Feasibility studies and transformation plans

The planning of your energy concept into a heating network (BEW) begins with the BAFA-eligible feasibility study


Climate-neutral district solutions

Efficient and eco-friendly heating and cooling supply for neighborhoods based on anergy networks.  



Decarbonisation of existing buildings

The CO2 tax is coming and you are prepared - with short payback times and interesting contracting opportunities.


Decarbonisation of industrial processes

The energy transition is also a challenge for industry. Energy-saving measures in existing buildings, but also in the energy supply of processes, lead to massively reduced consumption and costs.


Future-oriented methods and applied research

Energy Systems Engineering

We use this interdisciplinary approach to plan and control the extraction of site-specific, regenerative energies as well as their conversion, storage, and use, thereby enabling us to develop even complex large-scale projects.


Smart Green Technologies

Due to our practical experience with both proven and disruptive technologies, we have a future-oriented solution kit covering every aspect from energy sources to energy use.