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Energy Systems Engineering is an interdisciplinary approach to developing and implementing complex technical systems in large projects.

Sustainable energy concepts through interdisciplinary engineering competence

The future of energy supply lies in renewable energies such as wind, geothermal, aqua thermal or solar energy. Energy system technology deals with energy generation, energy conversion, energy storage, energyuse, and transportation, and shape the transformation of energy supply systems away from using fossil resources as the energy source towards renewablealternatives.

We are therefore developing new supply concepts with decentralized energy systems for a secured energy supply and a more sustainable and eco-friendly energy economy.

How you benefit from our work

  • Development, planning, and realization from one source
  • Subsidize and resource-saving technologies
  • Attractive energy costs
  • Lower renovation costs

What we offer you

We implement cold district heating networks and energy systems for you, which individually heat and cool all connected buildings, generate hot water, and produce electricity for your personal use.

Our services include

  • the development, planning, and realization of your site-specific project,
  • the use of highly efficient technologies for regenerative energy production,
  • the energy and hydraulic management,
  • thermal and electrical storage and control,
  • economical use of energy via highly comfortable air-conditioning systems for your

user comfort

  • hygienically safe hot water solutions
  • to charging stations for your electromobility.

In addition, we also develop solutions for energy cooperatives, contractors, and utilities.

How do we work?

To implement your project, we also apply project-specific methods based on the principles and processes of Building Information Modeling (BIM). Here too our policy applies as much as necessary, as little as possible. We focus on transparent and fast communication with all project participants and the customer. Our engineering methods are designed to help people understand and to openly discuss the results. It is important for us to not attempt to do everything ourselves  but to involve our network partners for our joint success. Using synergies, as nature shows us in an inspiring way.

Modular methods & simulation tools

Municipal heat planning: 

  • ENEKA-Energieplanung

Geothermal energy:

  • Thermal Response Test (TRT)
  • EWS (simulation of geothermal sources)
  • geoSIM (simulation of geothermal storage probes)
  • FEFLOW (thermal underground simulation with groundwater flow)


  • Own expert tools

Ice storage:

  • Own expert tools


  • PV*SOL

Energy systems:  

  • Polysun (simulation of transient energy systems) 
  • Visio Plan 2 (development of PFDs, PIDs)
  • TRNSYS (simulation of transient energy systems and building simulation) 

Energy consulting:

  • Hottgenroth energy consultant 18599 3D (energy consulting)

Technical ground/building services:

  • TRIMBLE Nova (BIM-planning, technical building services)
  • SIM-VICUS (Building- and Netsimulation)