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Serial energy refurbishment concept for existing properties

The client plans to refurbish its senior citizens' residence (built in 1997) to make it more energy efficient and to supply it with renewable energy. The building is located in a community on the north-western outskirts of Munich. The operator has other properties that will be subject to similar refurbishments in the course of time.

In order to obtain an overview of the possibilities and potential savings, goodmen energy carried out an analysis of the current condition of the building fabric and investigated the site-specific conditions. At the same time, a technical due diligence review of the entire building technology took place in order to identify potential savings and generate synergies with facility management.

Our services:

Planning an energy-efficient renovation

Technical Due Diligence

Subsidy advice

CO2 balancing


Based on the available documents, building and consumption data, on-site inspections and climate data, goodmen energy created different variants for renovation measures and made a recommendation. Government funding opportunities were also considered and taken into account. Among other things, a PV system with an installed capacity of 110 kWp, the use of sustainable building materials and natural refrigerants as well as recyclable constructions for thermal insulation were advocated.